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Thu Aug 7, 2014, 9:12 PM
   Hohoho man, this place is 14 years old?
:iconronsimmonsplz: DAMN! then that means i have over half that time here? mah arse has been over 8 years here :iconshibeplz:

Well i started this page when i was around 17 years old and my drawing skill was....i like to say below average because i've never considered myself a talented guy but i always enjoyed drawing every now and then, and well even though i dont like to think too highly of myself
i can say there has been quite a huge improvement in my style and i am happy and proud for that uwu
This place has left a lot of satisfactions because thanks to this place i met my first girlfriend ^w^ also i've met a lot of friends and even bumped into old ones that also happened to roam around this site, and of course, the Nuffie of awesomeness <333 :iconchibi-nuffie:

Of course, not everything is honey and sugar, i've also had sour experiences here but i am even grateful of that because it has made me grow to become a better guy (even if some people think im all the contrary) and no matter what i will continue to learn through experience
so, i want to thank those who now think of me as their enemy n_n because most of them left very good experiences in me and i will never forget them

I am not as active as i was before and this place, of course, is not what it used to be back in my fresh days here but its good to see that it continues to grow and to improve the community and hope it gets even better X3

Here's a view of the past and moving onto the present of what my art has been until today

Solitaria Adolescente by ToTo088

Lexa for Dunames by ToTo088

I Have Returned by ToTo088

Anne The Hedgehog by ToTo088 <33333  Anne The Hedgehog Color by ToTo088 Honored more than before that this became my first colored picture uwu

Mao Zheng The Panda by ToTo088

Fear Your Own Shadow by ToTo088

Night at the Graveyard by ToTo088

Neige - A Infectious Chill by ToTo088

Com - Mike The Cat by ToTo088

This is just a small example of what my art has become since i started to this date, of course, there is more, and hopefully, there will be more to come, thank you very much everyone who has been a part of this lifetime in DA uwu

Special mentions
:star::iconchibi-nuffie::star::iconr-no71::iconsevencolorsalice::iconapplepencil::icondarcyfaire::iconamarena-berry:(aka:icontheunununium: ) :iconshadowsinty::icongin-karasu-blade::iconxelectrowingsx::iconevilqueenie::icongrandmastag::iconbakteria::iconmischief-buttons::iconcaninelove::icongamefanppg::iconcoffgirl::iconarkenova::iconspacemanstrife::iconpapercutvii::iconneostrife::iconanimax-cartoon::iconsomaruiz::iconapocalypticvirus::iconmonochromatic-mess: :iconaonochaos:

If i forgot somebody plz accept my apologies uwu
Besides Nuffie there's no specific order, everyone is special for me in their own particular way and im grateful for knowing each and everyone of you, many others already left this place and i unfortunately lost contact with them, probably forever, but i will also never forget them

For this and many more things THANK YOU EVERYONE!


CSS Credits: Edited from Transparent by Drake1


Rough Sketch
AT - Between The Heavens and the Stars by ToTo088
AT - The Huntress, Celeste Oracia by ToTo088
Collab - She said she would return here... by ToTo088
Can i Drink my Soda in Peace? by ToTo088
Simple pencil sketch, may contain background, but that will depend

High character details will mean no background
Celeste Oracia - The Huntress by ToTo088
Celeste Oracia by ToTo088
Sapphire Prower - Lineart by ToTo088
Digital Lineart, white background, if you wish i can send you the clean lineart if you wish to color it yourself

If you wish to see a color gradient in your lineart it will be an additional 20 Points
P. Com - Sapphire Prower by ToTo088
Xepher Sicarius WIP by ToTo088
Samara Shiranui by ToTo088
Digital Basecolor, no shades or lights (might include extra minor details, but i will decide that)
Disgrace by ToTo088
Neige - A Infectious Chill by ToTo088
Com - Be Happy... by ToTo088
Special picture involving a character of your choice under the infection of "The Virus" includes the background and necessary effects for it

= You are free to choose any character of yours or even mine's (if you plan to pay me to draw one of my own chars that is)
= You can also choose someone else's character but before starting i must recieve authorization from the character's owner
- If the owner refuses, im sorry but you'll have to choose another character
- If by any reason the owner doesnt replies and i find no objection in doing the pic, it will be up to you to decide if i start or not, but the moment you give the order to start, i will automatically free myself from any responsibility regarding to any consequence or conflict caused by that image, the least i will do will be to take it down, but you will have to answer for any complain or trouble caused by it since it was your decision so choose wisely
Full Color
Collab - Picked them for you by ToTo088
Xepher Sicarius by ToTo088
Collab - Zallie The Leopard by ToTo088
Fully Colored digital picture, includes Shades and Lights but does NOT include Background, an extra fee will be applied for that

(In Neige's pic take as reference ONLY the character's coloring, the base sketch or flowers's shading because those were not done by me)

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