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Mirage Derachi and Demon Guy by ToTo088
Mirage Derachi and Demon Guy
This is something i should've done about 2 years ago and i apologize for taking so goddamn long >_<

This was drawn by the effing amazing :iconclearechoes: of my character Mirage, along with some unknown demon guy that he decided to add but hey, the more the merrier 8D

At any rate, i dont have a lot to say, but im still alive....not THAT much in this site but im still around :3 (even though i know not that many are going to care about it xD)

Anyway, i hope you like the picture, any comment, fav or anything of that effect is well received nwn

Mirage Derachi by :icontoto088:

The Other Guy & Art by :iconclearechoes:

Project DragonBlossom Looking for Help!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 10:10 PM

Taken from :iconarkenova:

Currently Looking For:

Pixel Artists (mainly), Level Designers, Programmers (Must Have Experience with GMS), Musician (Backup)

Hello all, this is Arkenova, or you may call me as Ark-E, the lead of Project DragonBlossom speaking. Of course, I'm relevantly new to the site since a fellow developer, Strife, which is known for Freedom Planet, has pointed me out to hopefully get some aid to this indie title I've been on since late 2012.

*Logo not final

What Is DragonBlossom?
A 16-bit action adventure platformer with RPG elements based off of elements from the Donkey Kong Country, Sonic, Klonoa and Okami, alongside many others. Choose between Adventure (Story) or Classic as Ayasuka and her friends are sent into an journey that rooted from the distant past on mains to stop an evil force from taking complete control of the Kingdoms.

Peek of the Main Story!
Long ago, after many struggles, the Four Celestial Sovereigns alongside with an unlikely Hero that took to the ranks of protecting a Princess, seals away the force as it was the cause of the among the spiritual imbalance of the land. It had caused many wars with the recent being the Dragon Wars that had brought much damage to the four Kingdoms; with rebuilding in progress and peace being restored, he made a one final vow before the Sovereigns scattered: it was a vow to pass his strength down to his future descendant in case the evil returned, leaving his sword in the ground where the seal was.

Time passes on and since the seal was weakening, there have been incidents of attacks that rose in the years, eventually bringing to the full release to terrorize the Kingdoms, bent on revenge and with the insight to cause the fulfillment of a dark prophecy.  At the wake of the crisis, three individuals from different Kingdoms, all from different lines of life are brought together through the strings of Fate as they must fight back to save their World and solve the mystery of the intentions of evil at hand.

What Has Been Accomplished:
- Rearranging of Characters
- Revamp and Overhaul of Storyline
- Spriting Has Improved! (though I will still need aid, especially with stages and such)
- Stages Has Been Planned (Mostly with the first 2 leads)
- Gameplay Mechanics Are Mostly Done (WIP)
- Some Music Has Been Composed (I have a composer on board.)
- Additional Help has been added (Mainly for the artside.)

What Needs to Be Done:
- Extra Team Members are required/contacted
- Programming (of cutscenes/stages and whatnot); Level Designer and such will be required for Use for GMS.
- First Goal to Get A Stable Demo Done Before Kickstarter Campaign

- You must have experience and if you are a bit lackluster onto making platformer style of pixelwork, you will be required to adapt to the style that I am going to lay out.
- You must get along with everyone. No drama please.
- You must show dedication. That means NO slacking off, I am usually flexible (if it involves emergencies/IRL issues).
- You must be ready to go because once you're in the team, I will be laying out tasks for you to do. The deadline is variable as of current but once we get a demo/Kickstarter out, then we can discuss on what date we can aim for.
- You must have a way of contact, most preferred is Skype.

- Revenue share. Once a Kickstarter is done, that will come in as payment.

What I Do: Lead, HUD, Storyboard, Writing, Concept Art and some Character Pixel Art (stills/minor animation)

1 - Composers
2 - Pixel Artists (trying to adapt to the style)
1 - Additional Help (Artist)

Artwork Style:

Colorful and somewhat cartoony; somewhat Sonic-esque

Spritework Samples:………

Music Samples So Far (WIP):………

Via Note.
Further Details will be discussed in private. Please send your submissions there!

Gallery is HERE.

For Further Contact plz send a Message or Note to Arkenova

Original Skin by SimplySilent


Rough Sketch
AT - Between The Heavens and the Stars by ToTo088
AT - The Huntress, Celeste Oracia by ToTo088
Collab - She said she would return here... by ToTo088
Can i Drink my Soda in Peace? by ToTo088
Simple pencil sketch, may contain background, but that will depend

High character details will mean no background
Celeste Oracia - The Huntress by ToTo088
Celeste Oracia by ToTo088
Sapphire Prower - Lineart by ToTo088
Digital Lineart, white background, if you wish i can send you the clean lineart if you wish to color it yourself

If you wish to see a color gradient in your lineart it will be an additional 20 Points
P. Com - Sapphire Prower by ToTo088
Xepher Sicarius WIP by ToTo088
Samara Shiranui by ToTo088
Digital Basecolor, no shades or lights (might include extra minor details, but i will decide that)
Special picture involving a character of your choice under the infection of "The Virus" includes the background and necessary effects for it

= You are free to choose any character of yours or even mine's (if you plan to pay me to draw one of my own chars that is)
= You can also choose someone else's character but before starting i must recieve authorization from the character's owner
- If the owner refuses, im sorry but you'll have to choose another character
- If by any reason the owner doesnt replies and i find no objection in doing the pic, it will be up to you to decide if i start or not, but the moment you give the order to start, i will automatically free myself from any responsibility regarding to any consequence or conflict caused by that image, the least i will do will be to take it down, but you will have to answer for any complain or trouble caused by it since it was your decision so choose wisely
Full Color
Collab - Picked them for you by ToTo088
Xepher Sicarius by ToTo088
Collab - Zallie The Leopard by ToTo088
Fully Colored digital picture, includes Shades and Lights but does NOT include Background, an extra fee will be applied for that

(In Neige's pic take as reference ONLY the character's coloring, the base sketch or flowers's shading because those were not done by me)

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